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Tape Cleaning and Repair

Video tape lives in the same environment as we do. This means dust moisture and other contaminants which are in the air are often transmitted to the tape. Additionally, as the tape generally has not been used for some time it will have acquired mildew and may even appear to be white. We can clean most of this off and this will improve the quality of the tape playback. We also clean the playback machine for the same reason – To get the best possible reproduction from your tape.

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Video Transfer and Conversion


Video tape was invented in 1973 and went into mass production in 1977. It quickly became a must have item as you could record your favourite TV show and watch it later. By the end of the 1990s almost all homes had at least 1 VCR.- The machine used to play back the vhs tape. The anticipated lifespan of the video tape was 7 to 15 years.


Videotape has aged well in most cases and we are generally able to recover the video from them. The quality of the recovered video can vary greatly from one tape to another with many things having had an impact on the tape.

We CLEAN the tape and the VCR before transferring the video to a digital format. This helps to give the optimum quality to the transfer.

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