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Safeguard - Archive with us

Are you concerned about the security of your digital recording? We live in a country where there are a lot of natural disasters, Cyclones, Flooding and Fires, and then there are the human disasters. The result of any of these can be the loss of your memorabilia and that is tragic.

We offer a service where we will store your information in 3 different locations on portable HDD. While there is no guarantee the HDD will not fail it is highly unlikely all three will fail.

How it works is easy? You put or you allow us to put your information onto archival HDD (x3) then we will store these HDDs at separate locations (100s of kilometres apart). There is a small setup fee then a monthly fee. You can cancel and retrieve your HDD at any time (Some notice will be required to retrieve all of them) Additional security can be added to the HDD to make them password accessible.

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Do you require a professional camera man to film your special occasion?

We can film live event, Seminars, Documentary’s, Weddings, Sports, Birthdays, Carnivals, Street Theatre , Musicals, and more.

In today’s world we are all impressed by the amount of film and video content on the internet. Back in the day, it was necessary to spend a lot of money and employ a lot of people to create a video clip. Today you can do it with your mobile phone however there are times when you want the extra quality of a professional cameraman. We are able to film everything from complete setup for a live event to supplying a 4k camera for you to record it yourself. Historically we have shots Seminars, Documentary’s, Weddings, Sports, Birthdays, Carnivals, Street Theatre, Musicals, and more.

Our specialty is Livestreaming. We were one of the very first company’s to able to livestream and we are live every week ,often in multiple locations at the same time.

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