Rapidspin Cairns
196 Mulgrave Road
Cairns Qld 4870
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Rapidspin Townsville
159 Charters Towers Rd
Townsville Qld 4810
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Film and Media Editing

Mobile Phone footage

In today’s world we all use our mobile phone to film everything of interest and then because we are time poor we leave these important video clips on our phone in the knowledge we will someday edit them and save them to a HDD. Why wait – give them to us and we will edit them for you.

Concerts and old film, you know you are on the film somewhere and every time you want to see that one important piece you have to look through heaps of other stuff before arriving at the piece you want.. Bring it to us and we can edit the parts you want to keep.

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Photo albums full of photos and carousels full of slides?

Photos and slides fade as they get older. Come and visit us and we will convert them all for you.

Slides, Photos and Negatives

Photo albums full of photos and carousels full of slides. Today everything is digital and on a USB of HDD so you can instantly play it on TV.

Photos and slides fade as they get older because they are made with ink and perishable materials. Digital images do not fade as they are not a colour they are a number sequence.

When we convert your photos and slides to digital we also do a basic colour correction to bring the life back to the images.

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